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Governed by the DeFi Community.
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Stage 1
2021 Q3
Marketing & brand awareness
Solana SPL native token deployment
2021 Q4
Collaboration with Solana foundation
Listing on the launchpads
Listing on the exchanges
Stage 2
2022 Q1
January - February
Soldex Academy launch
March 09-11
March 14-18
March 21-25
March 28 - 31
UI error messages #1
2022 Q2
April 4-11
Swap and Pools Devnet Updates
SOLX Staking
April 12-25
Process SWAP UI errors
Process Pools UI errors
Pools page: optimised sort, search, filtering
Pools page: can be reached with predefined search (required for future farm page)
Pools page: added deposit and withdraw interactions with Smart Contract
Pools page: fixed interactions with Smart Contract (fees calculation)
April 26 - May 10
Pools filtering
Added Wrapped tokens
Pools page: added alerts for transaction state
Pools page: added data refresh by button
Pools page: added auto data refresh
Farms page: show staked filters
Farms page: rewards UI interactions
Farms page: sort and filtering functionality
May 11-25
Swap & Pools Mainnet Release - v.0.2.12
Jupiter integration: SDK connect and a possibility to send requests
May 26 - June 3
Fix SOL unwrapping for Jupiter
Fix SOL path for swapPathInfo block
June 4-13
Create Pool UI
Create Pool Layout
Create Pool Integration
Created Pool List Integration
June 14-20
Farming Devnet Internal
Farm Double Rewards Contract
June 21-30
Farm Doubles Devnet Deploy/Test
Farm Doubles Farm List
Stage 3
2022 Q3
July 1 - July 14
Create Pool Devnet
Fixed tx status pop-up sizes
Add pop-ups for 'In Progress' tx states
Fix paddings for opened/closed pool info
Add 'No routes found' message if there are no routes for the selected token pair
Show SOL label only when SOL token is selected
Fix maximum SOL amount calculation in some cases
July 15-31
Bug fix/optimization
Farm Doubles Test Covering
Farm Doubles Bug Fix
Farm Doubles Farm Stake/Unstake
Farm Doubles Farm Harvest/Harvest All
Farming Devnet Internal with Dual Reward Functionality
Farming Mainnet Internal with Dual Reward Functionality
SER-SOL Doubles
Code clean, dockerize repos
Building an SDK adapter for Listing on DefiLlama
Farming Testing and Bug Fixes
2022 Q4
Farming with Duals Mainnet Updates
New Partnerships with projects within Solana Ecosystem
Integration with more Solana protocols
Attracting new pools
Code clean/bug fix
Code clean/bug fix
Swap and Farming Improvements Based on Feedback/Bugs
Bot: Proof of concept
Bot: UI design
Bot: UI layout
Bot: Backend
Bot: Backend
Bot: Frontend
Bot: Integration
Bot: Devnet release
Bot: Mainnet release
Code clean/bug fix
Integrate third party notifications

Why Soldex?


Trade perpetuals on any pairing. Our governance will ensure that the best trading pairs are available and that only the safest oracles are used.

Efficiently incentivised Liquidity

Liquidity pool trading is predicated on having enough assets in each pool in order to facilitate instant trades. Soldex addresses this requirement by incentivizing users to deposit assets and provide liquidity.

Community Governance

Token holders can establish consensus by voting on governance proposals or introducing new proposals for a vote.

AI-Powered Trading

Emotionless machine-learning and neural network algorithms and bots.

Real-time Settlement and Light-speed swaps

Fast trading experience with automatic deposit directly to your wallet.

Global Academy

SOLDEX Academy - building Solana DeFi community

The ultimate goal of SOLDEX academy is to build a strong and vibrant Solana DeFi community. Our Vision is to be an educational resource, designed to help new users become familiar with Solana and DeFI and its key concepts. We want to:

  • Explain Solana and DeFi to anyone new to the technology
  • Help new developers to start building
  • Learn and explore together
  • Showcase resources created by the community
  • Build united and impactful community

We need better tools for developers and teams to build the next generation of blockchain-based smart contract applications. We invite all existing and new developers to sign up for the academy.

70k+ Community Members

Soldex is a community of +70k members, whose backing and feedback represents an integrated part of the company’s development process.