Soldex Secures VC Funding From CSP DAO

The Soldex team and community are excited to announce they signed a strategic investment partnership with CSP DAO. CSP DAO are community-driven and offer fair contribution rights to all investors. They also focus on investment opportunities that will spark the internet’s next paradigm shift. Through a research-driven and rigorous bottom-up investment process, CSP DAO supports exceptional project teams that are utilising blockchain technology to usher in the internet’s next architectural shift.

This philosophy aligns perfectly with Soldex’s mission to democratise and disrupt both traditional finance and Ethereum dominated DeFi, and provide an open and inclusive financial system with low gas fees and fast transaction times making it affordable to everyone.

The extensive reach of CSP DAO’s network means that there will be a good distribution of SOLX holders and avoids centralisation in the hands of a few large holders as happens with many projects, which will help the SOLX token perform well on the exchanges.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as Soldex continues to attract world class investors, advisors and partners to help achieve its mission.


In their mission statement to make financial systems accessible, CSP DAO Network combines the best elements of decentralised finance with fundraising, offering a unique blockchain system designed to address fair investment rights. CSP DAO is reputable for giving access to cutting-edge blockchain projects through early-stage funding rounds.

About Soldex

Soldex AI is a state-of-the-art hybrid crypto exchange protocol that runs on the Solana Blockchain. One of the reasons for the creation of Soldex AI is to have a third-generation exchange to solve the issues caused by order-matching centralised exchanges and trust-less custody found in current decentralised exchanges.

Soldex AI is not only creating a DEX on Solana Blockchain but provides the flexibility for creating AI trading bots for automating each unique trading strategy. Traders will have the possibility of 24/7 trading and receiving maximum results.

Later developers will be able to lend the trading bot for success commissions. This would provide the community with incentives for further development of Soldex AI through voting rights.

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