Soldex AI Bot Frontend and backend

Soldex AI Bot Frontend:

Soldex AI Bot development will include the user onboarding process and KYC process clearance, as soon as the user KYC has been enabled then user can start using the Soldex AI Bot. In Soldex AI Frontend user can enable the different types of marked and sentiments algo for their Bot Instance to be worked on automatically. Soldex AI frontend part will be integrated with Soldex AI backend modules.

Soldex AI Admin Frontend will also be developing in the React JS technology and it will be under same umbrella of the entire Soldex Admin panel. Where super admin can control all feature of the Soldex platforms.

Soldex AI Bot Backend:

Soldex AI Backend development will include multiple technologies as well will include multiple languages. Soldex AI Backend will develop in Python for AI work and for another part of the backend development will be handles in Node JS technology. In AI Backend each user will have its own Bot Instance running under the Soldex platform because there would be different strategy and different marked section for each user, so all instantiated bot will work according to their assignments. Soldex AI Backend will have multiple sub modules as mentioned below:

  • User Onboarding process for AI Bot
  • DEX order engine for AI
  • Internal and external DEX integration features for order placement
  • Backend Notification services
  • Backend Database integrations
  • Security and Process for the Bot Instance to be launched
  • User based selection of DEX for launching an AI Bot Instance.
  • All Development of AI bot would be based on Crypto currency markets
  • Each user will have its own AI Bot Instance running under the Master Soldex AI Bot.
  • Business login development
  • AI Bot Risk controller algorithm development
  • AI Bot Actions and logics development, Sentimental Algorithm development
  • Elastic Search and AI Bot data Analysis algorithm
  • Multiple DEX integrations and development.
    In AI Bot development we are going to use many programing languages such as Python, NodeJS, PostgRest, Terraform, Linux scripting, shall scripting and python scripts. Also, for each bot instance launch and terminations would be done via terraforms and scripting over cloud server.

70K+ Community Members

Soldex is strong community of +50k members, whose backing and feedback represents an integrated part of the company’s development process.