Soldex Frontend and Backend

Soldex Frontend (Token, Stake, DEX and Vesting):

As per analysis done, we are going to developed Soldex frontend in best performing technology React JS, Also the reason to choose React JS is because of its nature of JavaScript development which fully compatible with many libraries such web3j, Sollet, Solfare, Math and coin98 extensions as well as HTTP RPC and JSON RPC connections. Most of the feature of continues data steaming of DEX transactions can easily done with React JS with WebSocket connections and APIs.

Soldex Backend:

Core backend development of the Soldex would be in Node JS and python because of multipurpose needs of integrations such as API, WebSocket’s, libraries for Json RPC connections. The entire development of the backend would be done based on module structure which will help to enhance and scale the project in future. Backend development are involved with below functions for Soldex platforms:

Backend API Development

Backend WebSocket connection for Data Streaming

  • Backend Charts API development
  • Backend Orderbook management
  • Web3J Integration with Solana Blockchain
  • Pytest and Jmeter integration for Platform Testing
  • Json RPC and HTTP RPC connection API development for frontend
  • Security implementations
  • Postgrest Integration for local database
  • Third party library or third-party integration for frontend handling
  • Admin Development

70K+ Community Members

Soldex is strong community of +50k members, whose backing and feedback represents an integrated part of the company’s development process.