Soldex Architecture Overview

Soldex is a Decentralized exchange developing on Solana Network, we are working on the best technologies for developing the DEX based on the trending technologies such as Rust. As a technical analysis for DEX it’s going to be involve best selected of technology languages and skills for different-different aspects. Please see below different modules details for your better understanding.

Soldex Architecture divided in 2 phases and development will be keep in mind for the same, during the development of the project all developer are strictly align with the approved architecture. First phase of the architecture is defined for the token, stake, DEX and Vesting token as finalized, and Second phase fully defined for Soldex AI Bot development.

Blockchain Nodes:

To make the Soldex more powerful and high-speed availability for the Transactions we are going to Setup Solana Blockchain node. It will help us to sync fast with mainnet blockchain and will provide mainnet transaction quickly on the DEX backend/frontend.


In continues development of the projects we are going to follow the Agile methodology and will follow the Scrum and DevOps process for implementation and deployment process. We are going to user below DevOps tools and process for the development of the Architecture on infrastructure and developments.

  • Ubuntu/Linux
  • Jenkins, Puppet /Chef/ Salt/ Ansible
  • CI CD Process, Linux, Python/Perl/Ruby/Bash
  • Terraforms, (Amazon Web Services (mandatory), Rackspace Cloud, Docker and OpenStack)
  • Ansible, Chef, Packer, Puppet, SaltStack, Terraform, etc.)
  • Jenkins, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, OpenShift, MVN, Puppet, Chef, Ansible etc.
  • Docker containers
  • Kubernetes
  • EC2, ELK, Elastic IP, ECS, High bandwidth IOPs, Static Ips, VPN, Cloudflare, Captcha etc.
Programming languages to be used in Soldex:

Flask (Python), Pytest for Unit test, Node JS, Web3J, React Js, Linux/Ubuntu, Postgrest (DB), Solana Client/Node, Solana Node, Rust (Smart Contract), Twitter for sentiment analysis, Dockers / Kubernates, JIRA for documentation/ JIRA for Docs, Jmeter / blazemeter for performance testing, Sentry, Slack for service monitor, Postgrest

70K+ Community Members

Soldex is strong community of +50k members, whose backing and feedback represents an integrated part of the company’s development process.